CO-Creator Of Cosmic Balance

claudia ng

​Lars Nielsen's unique art style has made him a favorite among gamers and indie comics fans. He's also the progeny of renowned Magic artist, Terese Nielsen, and has spent his life immersed in gaming culture. You may even recognize him from the Magic card, Samite Elder.  (FUN FACT: Alex first met Lars in 2001 when he was 8 years old hanging out with his mom at the Magic Pro Tour LA on the "haunted" Queen Mary boat/hotel.) Life lesson: be good to 8-year-olds - they may be your artists one day.


Claudia Ng (and her husband, Allen) are the owners   and creators of Succulent Monsters, the cutest 3D printed monster planters on the internets.  She also happens to be the engineer of the Cosmic Balance device! She invented the physical mechanism that allows us to adjust how many cards are needed to tip the balance. The wider and shallower the bevel of the fulcrum, the more weight is required. 

Claudia got her first taste of fame when her Succulent Monsters began appearing on Tumblr, Reddit, Pinterest,and online blogs. 


CO-Creator Of Cosmic Balance


Alex is the co-creator of Cosmic Balance and has spent the past two decades specializing in product marketing for top brands in gaming, hi-tech, mobile and online services.

Clients include: Riot Games (League of Legends), Microsoft (Xbox, Halo, Minecraft), Wizards of the Coast (Magic:The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons), Pokémon (TCG, mobile, and Online), Hasbro (Star Wars, Avalon Hill), Lone Shark Games and Gen Con (the largest tabletop gaming convention in North America).

Successes include: Landing featured placements for her clients in the iOS store, Amazon, Google Play, as well as securing National and local media placements on shows such as The Montel Williams Show and Good Morning America.

​She's also the former brand manager for Magic:The Gathering, a $250 million/yr. collectible card brand with one of the world's best loyalty programs.

To learn more, visit her LinkedIn.

Brian is the co-creator of Cosmic Balance and an award-winning game designer and creative director with over 37 shipped game titles and total sales of $700+ million. 

Published games include mobile, table top board games, console, PC, Facebook, online and web for notable companies such as Hasbro, Wizards of the Coast, Disney, Zynga and Boss Fight Entertainment.  

Game design portfolio includes: Magic:The Gathering, Betrayal At House On The Hill, RiskPokémon, Dungeons & Dragons, Duel MastersDungeon Boss, and Curses.

He's also the author of The Game Inventor's Guidebook and has secured multiple new gameplay mechanic patents.

Awards include:

  • 2015 Apple Editors Choice for Dungeon Boss
  • 2009 Origins Best Collectible Card Game Expansion of the Year for Magic: The Gathering Shards of Alara
  • 2008 Takara Tomy Award
  • 2005 Gamer's Choice Award 
  • 2002 Mensa Select Awards for Curses 

To learn more, visit LinkedIn and his website.